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We LOVE meeting our readers! Please contact us if you would like us to do a signing in a local store or read to a class. We have record turnouts wherever we go. Love, Sue and Merry 

Ginger Junction in Texarkana

At Ginger Junction in Texarkana, Texas                       

At Ginger Junction in Texarkana    We had the LARGEST Author Turnout at Half                                                                          Price Books Flagship store

         Bookmarks Festival in North Carolina

Our Books pop with our display!             At Bookmarks Festival, NC




  “Eddie’s Amazing Adventures” series now available in hard cover By Mother Daughter Sue Grandi and Merry Miller, Illustrations by acclaimed Ben Dunn

“Eddie’s Amazing Adventures” is a Children’s book and TV series by TV Host and World Renowned harpist Merry Miller and her mother Sue Grandi, a Former Ms America Sr and Leading Reading Specialist.  In each book, children follow a young boy named Eddie on a magical journeys as ordinary objects and days become wild and fun adventures.   Written in easy to follow rhymes, children will learn grammar and use their imagination. TV and animated series in development, as well as full product line. 

The series is a dream that began in 2008 but the loss of family members in 2020, along with the shut down catapulted it into existence as not just a creative outlet for our grief, but to bring joy to an otherwise hurting world.  Each book donates a portion of proceeds in honor of our lost family members, including: The National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation and Snowball Express.

Books include: “Chocolate Sneakers,” “Bubble Gum Balloons,” “Cotton Candy Clouds,” “Candy Corn,” "Camp Sonshine," “Big Beach Adventure,” “Baby Blues,” “Merry Kidsmas,” “Popcorn Trees" and “Wacky Taffy.

 Praise for the Eddie’s Amazing Adventure Series

 “this charming book by a reading specialist ignites the imagination of all children” Dr Connie Tate, PhD Literature Studies

 “’Chocolate Sneakers’ is one of the most creative Children’s books I have come across in years.  Eddie is a fun and relatable character for children of all ages, and the writing is reminiscent of Dr. Seuss.  I can’t wait to experience the upcoming Adventures of this will be one of the favorite character of children everywhere. It is now my go-to gift for new parents!” Marcy Johnson, the Woodlands, Tx

"These books jump off the shelf and Merry and Sue are delightful and their passion shows on every page." Susan Thompson, Little Angels Boutique, Englewood, Fla


 Who We Are

 MERRY MILLER is a TV Host, Media Executive and world renowned professional Harpist, who has released 18 albums, and been featured on Fox, ABC, Today Show, and QVC. But by far her biggest accomplishment is the honor of writing this series with the hero she calls mom.  She made Crain’s NY “40 Under 40” for helping take The Learning Annex from $3 Million to $147 Million in annual revenues in less than 3 years as President of Programming.

 SUE MILLER-GRANDI is a former Sr Ms Texas and Ms Sr America, Author, professional Singer and Motivational speaker. She holds a Masters Degree in Reading, as well as an Elementary Education degree, and has taught in elementary schools for over thirty years. Sue has been featured in numerous media outlets and is the proud mother of five children, ten grandchildren, seven great grandchildren.

 BEN DUNN created the best known and longest running comic series “NINJA HIGH SCHOOL,” in1984, and the best selling comic “WARRIOR NUN AREALA” in 1994 coming to NETFLIX in 2020.  He has worked with countless companies, including: MARVEL, DC, MALIBU, ETERNITY, ECLIPSE, FIRST and NOW COMICS, as well as the TV shows“THE REAL GHOST BUSTERS” and EXO-SQUAD. He is also one of the animators on the WARNER BROTHERS film adaptation of P.K.Dick's novel a “SCANNER DARKLY.”  Ben continues to work on comics including a revival of NINJA HIGH SCHOOL to celebrate its 30th year, and Antarctic Press and Indy Comics.

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